Enjoy your outside space, and look great doing it.

High-quality custom shade sails for residential and commercial use.

Stay Cool

Stay Safe

Stay Outdoors

Need shade?
Umbrellas are such a hassle…

Summer sunshine is great! But without shade, the heat can get unbearable. Umbrellas are a hassle. They blow away or break - and never provide enough cover. Hard shelters just block out light and trap stifling air underneath.

Creating a stylish outside space you can enjoy shouldn't be this tough.

Trivium has it covered with custom-designed shade sails

We provide custom-designed shade sails for homes and businesses across Canada. We know how hot and sticky our summers can be here - but the answer shouldn’t have to be to stay indoors. Our eye-catching sails give you all the shaded space you need – always in the perfect position. They come in a wide range of colours and reduce heat by up to 33% - blocking up to 98% of the sun's harmful UV rays. We make it easy to keep the people that matter to you safe and comfortable.

Shade Sails
- Serving all of Canada

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Manufactured with commercial grade water-repellent fabric.

Warranties on the
fabric, stitching and installation.

Custom designed and fitted to any residential or commercial space.

No unsightly sagging or draping

These elegant tensioned structures are made with breathable fabric to allow air to flow freely throughout. So there’s never any sagging or draping. Our experienced team can carry out a full shade sail analysis and use computer-aided design to understand how and where you need shade throughout the day, to maximize the benefit for you.




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Three simple steps to creating a stunning shady space you can enjoy

  • 1 EMAIL - We'll take time to understand how you want to use your space and design a custom-made shade sail solution to suit your individual needs.
  • 2 INSTALL- Our professional installers will fit your shade sails, making sure everything is completely structurally sound and maximizes your outdoor area.
  • 3 ENJOY- You relax and enjoy your space outdoors, knowing the people that matter to you are safe and comfortable out of the scorching heat.

Handcrafted to your unique shade specification

Trivium shade sails are handcrafted to your unique specification in all shapes - including triangles, squares, rectangles and organic shapes. Our designs consider the time of day and how you expect to use the space to make sure your sails give you the right amount of cover when you need it most. Skilled technicians install the sails on independent hard-wearing structures. They’re designed to be simple for any handyman to fly and drop the sails for winter storage.


About Trivium Contracting

With 35 years of experience across multiple trades, designing a broad spectrum of different structures around the world, our team always strives for the best solutions for our customers. Our name reflects our meticulous approach to our work. Trivium is the process of learning by using critical and creative thinking and applying that to the real world. That’s why our approach to your shade sail structure is always thoroughly researched and involves a creative process, to meet your unique needs

Don't spend another summer feeling hot and irritated or hiding indoors. Email Trivium Contracting today and enjoy life outdoors again, with a cool outdoor space created by beautiful shade sails that'll make your property the envy of the neighborhood.