Wooden Structures To Bring Your Garden To Life

Decks, Pergolas, Sheds, Sunrooms, Garden Offices, Screening And Railing Systems
For Homes And Businesses In The Okanagan And Similkameen Valleys

Create functional spaces

Enjoy Skilled Craftsmanship

Make the most of your yard

Time to lift the limits on your space with wooden structures you will want to use

Everyone should be able to enjoy the outdoors but a dusty, bare and inaccessible yard is unappealing. Creative wooden structures and decking open up a whole new world of opportunity to remodel your yard and craft interesting and useful spaces and features you will all want to spend time enjoying.


Constructing High Quality Unique Spaces You’ll Love

Our skilled tradespeople provide custom-designed wooden structures, pergolas, decking, railing and garden rooms  for homes and businesses across the Okanagan and Similkameen Valleys. Stuck for inspiration? Not sure how to make the most of your space? Our team can create beautifully-crafted features and functional spaces to help you maximize the potential of your land.

Trivium constructing beautiful wooden structures built to last

  • Decks
  • Pergolas
  • Sheds
  • Pavilions
  • Privacy Areas
  • Railing Systems
  • Garden offices
  • Screening panels
  • And More!

What Our Customers Say


Hand Made In Canada Just The Way You Want It

  • 1 EMAIL - We'll take time to understand how you want to use your space and design a custom-made shade sail solution to suit your individual needs.
  • 2 INSTALL- Our team of highly skilled craftsmen will carry out the work using the finest materials and precision joinery.
  • 3 ENJOY- You relax and enjoy your time outdoors, knowing you’ve enhanced your property and are maximizing your space.

About Trivium Contracting

With 35 years of experience across multiple trades, designing a broad spectrum of different structures around the world, our team always strives for the best solutions for our customers. Our name reflects our meticulous approach to our work. Trivium is the process of learning by using critical and creative thinking and applying that to the real world. That’s why our approach to your shade sail structure is always thoroughly researched and involves a creative process, to meet your unique needs

Don't limit yourself to four walls. Email Trivium Contracting today and open up the potential in your outdoor space with beautiful wooden structures that'll make your yard the talk of the town