Why choose a shade sail

Having a having functional outdoor space for work or play is more valuable than ever.

Living in the Okanagan we know that finding ways to be able to enjoy the outdoors, even when it is scorching hot, is just part of our lifestyle.

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Trivium Contracting and Shade Sails can help your family, your guests, or your customers enhance their Okanagan experience with unique shade sails that work for both commercial and residential applications of any size. From playgrounds, recreation facilities, animal shelters, entranceways to buildings, patios/decks or wherever you need shade – these sails can cover large spaces for much cheaper than building a permanent structure. 

Here are just some of the benefits.


The highest quality cloth is used to ensure maximum amounts of UV protection and to ensure the life of your fabric structures. The sails have a 10 year UV warranty, or the high-grade monofilament cloth with a 15-year UV stabilization warranty is available, as is weather-max cloth for a lightweight, waterproof solution for any size of project.

The shade sails we use can drop the temperature of the area by 33 per cent, and use UV stabilized high-density polyethylene shade fabric and UV stabilized sewing thread. UV ratings are at 98 per cent, depending on the colour. 


Trivium contracting works with the most experienced fabric structure manufacturers in Canada. 

Shade sails are comprised of rated steel structure, or can be constructed with fir posts, single or multiple pieces of tensioned fabric and offer a versatility that a lot of rigid building materials can’t. 

The sails have a 10-15 year UV warranty, stainless steel cable sewn into the perimeter pocket and are triple-stitched and have layered reinforced corners. The hardware used for each project is marine-grade rated steel, ensuring the highest possible quality and durability.


Shade sails not only are not only functional, they provide a unique aesthetic to your outdoor area.

Whether it is the red sails flying at Blasted Church winery in the South Okanagan or a sail in the colour of your choice in your own backyard, these things get noticed. 

Custom shade sails can be designed to accommodate almost any space and these fabric structures add to the elegance and beauty of any location.

Contact us to find out how we can create a shade solution for your outdoor area. Trivium Contracting also constructs Roman shades, pergolas, decks, sheds and garages – view the gallery of our work by clicking here.


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