What to know before buying a shade sail

To be frank, more often than not we run into potential shade sail customers with similar methods of how they plan to purchase a shade solution for their outdoor living or working space.

  1. The online shopper who thinks they are saving bundle by picking up a shade sail for under $100. 
  2. Those that visit a big box store and want a price point just above the online shopper, but need the comfort of talking to someone in person about shade solutions.
  3. The customer who is looking for a trustworthy contractor who; can provide excellent customer service, knows the product they are offering inside and out and stands behind the work they are offering. They also want sturdy construction to handle the Okanagan winds, which means the use of fir posts, or steel powder-coated posts. 

Customer number one will find out that the old saying of if it seems too good to be true, it is. Their online option will most likely only stand up for an equal amount of days to how much they paid for it. Customer number two may get one summer season out of their purchase and usually does not have the expertise to build a sturdy structure to put up the sail by themselves.

Trivium Contracting and Shade Sail customers will all tell you that they happily fall in the third category with their purchase — a high-end product that lasts.

Trivium Contracting and Shade Sails customers will all tell you that they happily fall in the third category with their purchase —  a high-end product that lasts. Owner Stephen Eusebi has 35 years of contracting experience, uses high-quality shade solution products (for projects both big and small) and he can solve the problem of keeping people out of the scorching sun while enjoying the Okanagan lifestyle. He is a fanatic about craftsmanship and tapping into his experience, Eusebi builds products to last a lifetime. He offers the highest level of steel that will correctly support the spanned fabric over your outdoor area.

From wineries to homeowners, Trivium Contracting and Shade Sails combines the best in quality and service to help clients drop the temperature up to 33 per cent while creating a colourful, cool and protected outdoor space. The shade sails Trivium uses are artistic canopies that block up to 98 per cent of the sun’s UV rays. They are breathable, do not trap hot air underneath and create a more functional outdoor space with a high-quality, long-lasting product. The sails have a 10-year limited warranty and can be upgraded to a heavy-grade commercial fabric with a 15-year limited warranty for an additional cost. 

Contact Trivium to find out how you can improve your outdoor living area with a shade sail, Roman sail, or construction of a deck, pergola, shed or garage.

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