Shade sail, sun shade – Call it what you want it is The Okanagan’s Coolest Shade Solution

How do you cool this place down under the scorching Okanagan sun and look good doing it?

Simple. Shade Sails.

We first came across them while visiting Australia, one of the sunniest countries in the world. These unique looking structures caught our attention immediately — not just for the hot design, but also for the cool shade it provides.

Imagine being able to drop the temperature of your outdoor living area or the patio of your business up to 33 per cent while creating a colourful, cool and protected outdoor space.

The sails Trivium Contracting and Shade Sails uses are artistic canopies that define an area and block up to 98 per cent of the sun’s UV rays. They are breathable, do not trap hot air underneath and create a more functional outdoor space with a high-quality, long-lasting, Canadian-made product.

Sails come in a wide-range of colours (including the option for a different colour on the top and bottom) and design potential. The sails have a 10-year limited warranty and can be upgraded to a heavy-grade commercial fabric with a 15-year limited warranty for an additional cost.

Not only are shade sails a great option for covering your patio/deck area to protect the things you love, they can be used to create shade over your pool, to maximize usable outdoor space for your guests or workspace, as a shade structure to park cars under, provide shade over a playground structure and a number of other great functions.

We are passionate about creating amazing eye-catching (we call it yard bling), highly effective, superior shade sail structures.

If you are in need of a shade solution contact us and let’s talk more about how we can give you cool shade, with a hot design.

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